Simple Shortcut: Frozen Kale

This week one of the dinners on our family meal plan is what we call Portuguese Soup. It’s a recipe I developed after having the house soup at a restaurant in Cape Cod (which has huge Portuguese influence, evidently!)  We all love this soup - it’s filling without being heavy and it is so so easy.  One of the secrets to making it such an easy recipe?  Frozen kale! 

Frozen Kale Shortcut FB.png

One of my favorite shortcuts to this recipe is frozen kale!  Kale can be so cumbersome to wash, dry, de-stem and chop. Frozen kale works beautifully in soups, smoothies, casseroles and pastas - really any recipe where it will be cooked down. It does NOT work for things like roasted kale, kale chips or salads. We also prefer it to frozen spinach.

Try frozen kale in one of these family-friendly recipes:

  • Portuguese Soup - Enjoy this filling and simple soup with some focaccia - yummmmmmm (recipe link)

  • Mango, Kale and Ginger Smoothie - no recipe needed. Combine frozen or fresh mango, frozen kale, fresh grated ginger (check the Asian aisle in your grocery store for a jarred version or grate yourself), a little orange juice and water and zip zap in your favorite smoothie maker.  This is seriously the only green thing I can get my 3-year old to eat.  Otherwise he picks around ANYTHING green.

  • Ham and Kale Hot Dish - Ham and Kale are great friends in this yummy comfort dish (recipe from Garlic & Zest here). I’m working on a recipe for a lighter version - stay tuned!


I hope using frozen kale helps you get more greens on your menu - and in your kiddos’ bellies!