Stephanie Rapone

Simple Shortcut: Buy it Fresh Prepped - Green Beans

Stephanie Rapone
Simple Shortcut: Buy it Fresh Prepped - Green Beans

Welcome to Simple Suppers and our blog! This is the first blog in a series highlighting easy family dinner shortcuts that I use in my real (hectic) life!  I hope you find these tips useful and would love for you to share them with your family and friends via Facebook, eMail, or pin or follow us on Pinterest

Tonight I’m turning to the produce section for one of my favorite fresh prepped ingredients for our family dinner - green beans!  I love fresh green beans, and so does my 5-year-old. They are delicious and versatile, and I especially love that you can cook fresh green beans to a tender-crisp stage that you just can’t get from frozen green beans (and I am not a fan of canned green beans at all!)

When I make fresh green beans, I always make extra and then make a simple vinaigrette to turn it into a little salad for lunch the next day.  So yummy, filling and healthy - recipe here.

However, trimming the ends off of fresh green beans is a tedious process and takes so much time. Buying the pre-trimmed version is one of those cases where, for me, the convenience is worth the cost. In our stores, buying them prepped and packaged is usually the only way to get organic green beans, as well.  

If you are going to prep your own green beans, here’s a little tip - use kitchen shears to do your trimming!  It’s so much faster than individually chopping off the ends with a knife, or trying to line up a bunch to be able to trim with a knife. My older kiddo is just now getting to the stage where I think he can handle this task in the kitchen and I’m really looking forward to another way to engage his help in our family meal preparation!

Some of my favorite ways to enjoy fresh green beans:

  • Raw - They have such a satisfying crunch
  • Sauteed - In our house this is usually with a little butter, olive oil, garlic and salt.
  • Almondine - I love green beans prepared this way, but my husband is not a big fan so I usually just add the lemon and almonds to leftovers.
  • Roasted - They develop a deep flavor and a texture that is deliciously different than green beans prepared on the stove top. Recipe link below.

Our family pairs green beans with a LOT of meals because we love them so much!  Tonight they were paired with mini cheesy meatloaves for a simple family meal and you can get the recipe for enter dinner here.  Enjoy!