Week one is about the magic of roasting! Cooking dinner in the oven is great because it minimizes the time you need to be hands-on and the results are much more dependable than the stove top.  You can prep, place in the oven to cook, and then step away or prep the next thing.

The results of oven cooking are often more consistent, too.  When a recipe instructs you to cook on the stove top over "medium-high heat" - what does that mean? There is so much variance from one appliance to the next - or even one burner to the next. Using your oven and a set temperature ensures the times for cooking and results are much more consistent. If the cooking times in these recipes don't work for you, invest about $7 in an oven thermometer like the one below. There's a good chance your oven's own thermometer is incorrect and while you may think you are roasting at 425 - it's really only 375, or 450! It's worth it to know that recipes will turn out right!